What are “Pro Tips”?

By September 7, 2018Where to Start

Good question! As you may have seen already, we have a lot of information on this page about bikes, parts, accessories, people, and more. We’ve realized over our 50 years in the bike industry that people have a lot of questions when it comes to bikes, like:

  • What kind of bike should I get?
  • What should I be eating while riding?
  • How do you clean a bike?
  • Why choose a carbon frame over aluminum?
  • What is the difference between rim brakes and disc brakes?
  • What do you ride?
  • Are there any good places to ride around here?
  • And many more

Therefore, we as a staff have been curating posts for your benefit. We care a lot about getting people out on bikes and enjoying their experience, so if you have a question or want more information, and haven’t found a post about it, let us know! The page will be continually updated to provide you with more content!


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