Single Speed Tune Up

$ 75

ServiceWashing of bicycle
Complete wear/damage inspection
Wheels trued and tensioned
Lubrication of chain and brake cables
Brake adjustment
Chain adjustment
Safety inspection
Test ride

Multi Speed Tune UpMost Popular

$ 100

ServiceWashing of bicycle
Complete wear / damage inspection
Wheels Trued and Tensioned
Lubrication of drivetrain and cables
Brake Adjust
Gear adjust
Safety Inspection
Test Ride

Tune Up Plus

$ 150

ServiceWashing of bicycle
Complete wear/ damage inspection
Wheels Trued and Tensioned
Installation of new Cables
Lubrication of Cables and brakes
Gear Adjustment
Brake Adjustment
Brake Bleed
Bottom Bracket OverHaul
Headset Overhaul
Clean DriveTrain
Pro Polish finish
Safety Inspection
Test Ride

Pro Overhaul

$ 250

Per MonthWashing of Bicycle
Complete Wear/Damage Inspection
Wheels Trued and Tensioned
Installation of New Cables (Brakes & Derailleur)
Or *Brake Bleed (Fluid included)
Lubrication of Chain and Brake Cables
Gear Adjustment
Brake Adjustment
Bottom Bracket Overhaul
Headset Overhaul
Clean Drivetrain
Muc-Off Finish
Safety Inspection & Test Ride
*If bike has disc brakes, brakes will be bled, not replaced.*

Custom Wheel Building

We build custom wheels. Our process has evolved through years of comprehensive engineering scrutiny to identify critical stages of production. Multiple quality assurance checkpoints are used to guarantee spoke tension consistency, maximize wheel strength and deliver wheels that stay true for thousands of trouble-free miles.

Custom Wheel Inquire

A La Carte Services


  • Tube/TireInstall on bike -$10
  • Tube/Tire Install off bike -$5
  • Tubeless Set up -$15
  • Tubeless Top Off -$5
  • Wheel True and Tension -$20
  • Spoke Replace -$25
  • Wheel Build- $70
  • Wheel Build / Unlace -$75


  • Brake Adjustment -$20
  • Brake Bleed -$25
  • Brake Installation -$25
  • Hydro Brake Installation -$30


  • Derailleur Adjustment front or rear (w/ hanger alignment)-$20
  • Shifter/Derailleur Installation -$25
  • Cable Installation-$20


  • Overhauls -$25 Each
    *Bottom Bracket
  • Seat Post Install -$5
  • Dropper Seat Post Install -$30
  • Pedal Install -$5
  • Chain Install -$5
  • Grip install -$5
  • Seat Install-$5
  • Cassette/Freewheel Install -$15

Anything Not mentioned falls under Hourly Charge $75 Hourly rate

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